Re: [opensuse] Simple Network Booting Solution?

A good set of instructions how to setup pxeboot is there for systemrescuecd on
A good reading to find the neccessary knowledge.


On 03/07/11 19:49, Andrew Joakimsen wrote:
I already know how PXE works, etc. That's not an issue.

The issue is I want to network boot openSUSE. Not an installer. I've
read all the KIWI-LTSP stuff on the wiki but there aren't clear
instructions and seems outdated (the documentation at least).

All I was able to determine is in SUSE Studio website PXE images are
disabled, but "SUSE Studio Onsite" is a paid (how many thousands? 50
thousand?) system that can build PXE booting images. That's basically
all I need, build an image with a GUI and boot it over PXE. Even if I
could boot the LiveCD over PXE, that would be fine. Is there a way to
convert some image I build in SUSE studio to PXE image? What is even
the difference? Just the proper support in initrd?

Anyone have working recent instructions on how to accomplish this? All
I need is to boot a (single) machine over PXE and run firefox.
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