[opensuse] Nvidia vs ATI

Since there is no available driver for the Intel HD Integrated Graphics card on the Intel MB I bought last week, I've inquired about supported PCI Express cards that I could install instead. My usual merchant carries cards of Ndivia and ATI, and has in stock ATI HD3650.

A web search assures me that this card belongs to the Redeon series; <man ati> says that Radeon is supported, so I assume that this one is.

He also has similar Nvidia cards. I am shying away from Nvidia because I have seen over the years so many discussions about difficulties, perhaps quirks in the available drivers, that make them seem like avoidable trouble. And yet I know that many buy and use them, so I am perhaps exaggerating the risk. I'd be happy to read any comment anyone has to offer about this.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on

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