Re: [opensuse] Nvidia vs ATI

On 17.07.2011 15:05, Stan Goodman wrote:
Since there is no available driver for the Intel HD Integrated Graphics
card on the Intel MB I bought last week, I've inquired about supported
PCI Express cards that I could install instead. My usual merchant
carries cards of Ndivia and ATI, and has in stock ATI HD3650.

A web search assures me that this card belongs to the Redeon series;
<man ati> says that Radeon is supported, so I assume that this one is.

He also has similar Nvidia cards. I am shying away from Nvidia because I
have seen over the years so many discussions about difficulties, perhaps
quirks in the available drivers, that make them seem like avoidable
trouble. And yet I know that many buy and use them, so I am perhaps
exaggerating the risk. I'd be happy to read any comment anyone has to
offer about this.

Hi Stan,

I have experienced the same story with NVIDIA in the past (ago 3-4 years). This was the reason that I switched to AMD graphics card. I have not regretted it.

I have a ATI Radeon 3870 in my computer. It works with the radeon driver (depended of used kernel version, but sometimes not really good) or the proprietary ATI Catalyst Display Driver from AMD (That is currently a better choice).

There is also one other reason to buy an AMD graphics card. ;-) I am the openSUSE Packaging Script Maintainer for ATI Catalyst and a intensive beta tester of ATI Catalyst Driver for next versions since November 2010 and have a direct contact with AMD. I like to mediate between openSUSE user and AMD, if any problems arise with the driver. I help the user in setting up the graphics card, but often is not necessary. It is easy to install on openSUSE.

Everyone gets the graphics card, which he deserves. ;-)

Kind regards, Sebastian - openSUSE Member (Freespacer)
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