Re: [opensuse] chrony and hwclock

Roger Oberholtzer wrote:

On Sat, 2011-07-16 at 02:43 +0200, Carlos E. R. wrote:

When ntp is running, it will adjust the clock very slowly, so slow
that you will not notice it is changing. If there is one minute error
it may take hours to correct.

However, if you restart the daemon, using the script, the first step
is jump-set the clock, even by hours if needed, and after that it
will run the daemon to keep it correct.

So, there is a flaw in the ntp start logic when the network interface
on which it's server lives only becomes available some time after ntp
starts. It seems never to re-check that a server that was initially
not available later becomes available.

I don't think that is correct. As my logs showed last week, ntp is
perfectly capable of switching time source/server when the
availability/quality changes. However, if ntp fails to start, it would
(obviously) also not be checking any servers later. Have you looked at
the output of "ntpq -p" at different points of your problem scenario?

IMO, the problem is ntp, not the system start stuff. Since I have
effectively removed my network from the system startup environment, I
would find it hard to see that environment being able to solve
ordering or dependency issues. How could a system service know that
some user will, via their own non-system configuration, eventually,
maybe start a network where an interesting server lives?

A daemon would just try to reach the interesting server, and when the
error says "network not reachable" (or something similar) it means it's
still not there.

Personally I don't think there is a problem with ntp here - maybe in the
network config or the ntp config, but not ntp itself. Your options are
probably to 1) debug your ntp setup or 2) pursue a chrony setup. If
you want, I'll be happy to help with option 1), but I'll need some more
detailed info.

Per Jessen, Zürich (16.1°C)

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