[opensuse] Kindle/Wine problem

I recently downloaded and installed on my desktop machine the current
KindleForPC (1.6.1). This release has the minor problem that it can't
open books(!), which makes it useless. Fortunately, I have the installer
for v1.5.0, which I know to be fundtional because it is running well on
my laptop machine. Both machines run oS v11.4.

I uninstalled the v1.6.1 Kindle from Wine by deleting the directory
~/.wine/..../Kindle as suggested by some of the advice I found through
Google, then dropping the installer on the Wine configuration window;
this is how I have previously installed Kindle on both machines in more
than one installation. But the drop operation fails -- the installer
icon is overlaid by a "Don't" road traffic sign.

I assume that I need to do something lese in the bowels of the pseudo-
Windows structure to convince it to accept the replacement installation.
Can someone tell me what?

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on
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