Re: [opensuse] bash -- Where in the heck are "^M...80 spaces...^M" getting written by tee?? (can I catch it?)

David C. Rankin said the following on 09/28/2011 07:09 PM:

# write stuff
echo -e "\nTape: $tapect -- \n">> $tmpapp
echo -e "\nCapture Started: $(date '+%b %e %T')\n" | tee -a $tmpfn

Are you sure that you don't mean

echo -n -e "\nTape: $tapect -- \n">> $tmpapp
echo -n -e "\nCapture Started: $(date '+%b %e %T')\n" | tee -a $tmpfn

And you do realise that what you see on the screen and what goes into the file in the second case are two different things.

As for the 80 spaces ... Dunno.

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