Re: [opensuse] I have some initial doubts

Linux Tyro wrote:
1. If I install the latest version viz. 11.04, would it remain stable
even after 8 months? (Since during 8 months, due to my job, I could
not get the time to learn) and even if it changes, the basic
functionality would remain the same....?

Yes it will stay stable. Whilst a release is 'live' updates are made
available for it that (a) fix security problems and (b) fix critical
bugs. When the release is superceded by a new release, it's just that
there are no more updates. This means:

(1) you won't get any more critical bug fixes, but presumably you have
no critical problems by then

(2) your system will be open to attack via any newly discovered security
holes that occur after that date. Only you can decide what the risk is

2. Can I install in CD version? But DVD is very common option.
However, if I go for CD version (via torrent only), I don't think I
would miss anything which come in DVD (wince we can update it later),
is it like this...?

Yes, you can always download and install any extra software that you want.

3. While booting with CD / DVD (whatever I pick in doubt no.2), would
openSUSE replace my already installed Ubuntu or would it ask me for
more/left space (which is NOT there). [PC is currently dual booted
with Ubuntu LTS and Windows). How should I recognize (during
installation) that it is replacing the entire Ubuntu space only and my
windows partition remains intact...

It will make a suggestion as to how to reorganize your disk. You can
always change this during installation by inputting your explicit
instructions when prompted. Don't worry, you get plenty of opportunity
to think or to abort the installation if you're not sure.

Having said all that, my personal view is that you'd be better using
Ubuntu LTS, since it involves fewer upgrades (i.e. installing new
releases). If you have some specific problem with Ubuntu, please tell us
what it is so we can advise whether opensuse overcomes it.

Cheers, Dave
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