Re: [opensuse] Thumbleweed: Packages missing?

Andreas Jaeger [07.11.2011 10:45]:
On Monday, November 07, 2011 07:22:44 Peer Heinlein wrote:

I changed to OpenSUSE Thumbleweed and expected having a normal
distribution with all packages, beeing in the middle between OpenSUSE
11.4 and 12.1

But it looks like there are many packages missing, which are delivered
normally by openSUSE 11.4:

a) All the stuff for Open SUSE Build Servers (obs-utils & Co) is

b) keepassx is missing

I don't understand that. why do I have to organize keepassx by myself?
It's part of 11.4 and I expect it its part of 12.1 too...

Hi Peer,

Tumbleeweed is an additional repo on top of 11.4, so you need to have
11.4 installed as well.

Will this change sometimes? Will at some moment 12.1 be the base of
tumbleweed? Since it is a rolling release system, I'd expect something
like that...


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