Re: [opensuse] Re: DSL Modem question

Hallo James, op 2011-11-19 16:50 schreef je:

I just got a new DSL Modem with a USB plugin. I added a USB hard
disk to it. But I can not figure out how to get Linux to see it.
Can someone give me a clue?

connected to your modem/router, it would have web access, ie: an ip

access your router/modem and see what address the usb disk was

I did this and the modem is not seeing the HD. I'm using a new
FRITZ!Box 3170. Can anyone that uses this box tell me how to get the
box to see the HD?

Do you have the 'right' file system on your HD?
I have a Fritz 7340, but AFAIK all Fritz!Boxes till now only see FAT and

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