Re: [opensuse] Motif application crashes with 12.1 (glibc problem?)

Am 25.11.2011 10:22, schrieb Andreas Jaeger:
On 11/25/2011 10:19 AM, Christoph Bartoschek wrote:
Am 25.11.2011 09:39, schrieb Christoph Bartoschek:

I have attached the backtrace. Frame #0 is at address 0x0. In frame #1 a
jump table is used and the index obviously point to a null pointer.

I've started valgrind to check whether there are heap overflows. I
expect a result in one hour.

Valgrind reports no errors that can lead to heap overflows. So there
might only be a buffer overflow on the stack.

I suspect that this is related to glibc because with opensuse 11.4 some
applications stopped to work because of memcpy. Maybe there is a similar
change that causes my crashes.

I do not say that glibc is broken. Maybe it is now stricter than in
earlier versions.

If you have a self-contained testcase - best without involving glibc -
the glibc maintainer (that's me;) will look at a bugreport via and tell you what's broken...

I try to create one. But this could take a week or more because I do not have the source code of the application. And just simulating the sprintf call does not lead to a crash.

right now with the information you've given, it's not clear what the
problem is.

Btw. the memcpy change was not in 11.4, we disabled it,

I am sure that it was in the first release of 11.4 because I had an application that crashed only in 11.4. After changing memcpy to memmove at a single appropriate place it did not crash anymore.

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