Re: [opensuse] Systemd and fstab

On 14/12/11 00:17, Anton Aylward wrote:

Yes, I'd like to have everything managed by YAST but until the system is
either sysvinit OR systemD and not a blend of the two I think that's
going to be horrendous.

The yast runlevel editor still needs some hacking for that to really work.

Perhaps a more sensible approach would be to give up entirely on the
sysvinit compatibility, remove the /etc/rc[12345].d compatibility,
remove the automounter and make it PURE SystemD.

Most services have already native systemd units in Factory so sysvinit scripts are ignored. There are also several init scripts that do stuff they are not supposed to loading kernel modules, working around old bugs..etc..and oh boy, it is an entangled mess :-P

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