Re: [opensuse] How to update PHP to 5.3.10?

* Patrick Shanahan <paka@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [02-07-12 14:49]:
* Andreas <maps.on@xxxxxxx> [02-07-12 14:41]:
I installed Opensuse 12.1 with PHP and added Suse's PHP repository.
Currently PHP is version 5.3.8.

Yesterday I searched for php-mbstring and clicked install.
The installer refused because mbstring were version 5.3.10 and thus
incompatible with my 5.3.8.
Then I searched for php5 and yast found everything on v 5.3.8 even mbstring.

Is there a special trick to let yast upgrade php?

s/b "First Step[tm]" to find a package

you may need to enable via "Search options"
"Include users' home projects"

Note: this does not answer the subj: but offers install of 5.3.8 package.

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