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On Monday 06 February 2012 21:02:20 Joachim Schrod wrote:

...........<snipped out all the rest>............

(Sorry that I'm not able to express this better at 3am, but I'm not
a native English speaker. Reading it through, it's not as
differentiated as I'd have liked it to be. But having a
mother-in-law with only 45% sight on one eye and 5% sight on the
other, I can sympathize with Bob and therefore contribute here more
privately than I'd usually do.)

Thanks Joachim. For your advice and ynderstanding. It is appreciated very
much, And BTW your English and vocabulary are excellent. Better than many
native speakers

And God Bless Felix for his patience and help, and his efforts to make my
situation understood. It is somewhat embarassing to me though to be talked
aabout on this list. Luckily I came to meet Felix when we discovered we live
fairly close to each other and I was able to bring my box to him when I had a
problem I could not solve.

Problems I used to be able to solve and no longer can because I have such
difficulty reading. I have absolutely no computer training whatsoever but
have a fairly extensive backround in electronics. I was introduced to
computers at a fairly late stage of life many years ago. ( Iwill turn 77 in
two months) when I built my first box and my son installed first DOS anbd
then Windows 3.1 for me. Then I discovered FOSS and Linux starting out with
Red Hat and then moving to SuSE 6 something. I joined what was the
predecessors of this list and everything I have ever learned was from this
list and the great people here. Too many great people past and present and I
would fear naming rhem lest I leave one of them out.

To clarify my situation; I have macular degeneration, an insidious disease
that develops and worsens over the years and still has no cure. I am now
legally blind. I can see but very poorly. I can no longer drive or even be
able to trim the fat off my meat at mealtime.

Enough of that though. I followed yours and Felix'x advice an uninstalled
kernel-default but got some strange results. At nest boot-up X started up and
gave me my GUI. I didn't have sound and couldn't connect to the internet. I
kept trying different things and finally did a uname -r and saw the kernel
was kernel-default. I checked with zypper and it is definitely not installed
anymore. I also booted the failsafe version where I got sound and
connectivity and it is running the kernel-desktop. Strange, So I have a lot
more sluething to do.

Anyway Joachim, thanks again for your kindness and attempts to help. And
thanks also to all the others who offered information and I learned more

Bob S
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