Re: [opensuse] help with recovery from botched nvidia driver install

On 2/14/2012 8:48 PM, Basil Chupin wrote:
The latest nVidia driver is now 295 (and I just downloaded and installed it).

[rest pruned]

Alright, how about we start from scratch, with a clean slate, and take it from there?

Hi Basil, thanks for the reply.

What we are going to do, if you accept this assignment :-) , is to download from nVidia site the latest driver (295) and then compile it -- we won't rely on what you find in the nvidia repo which you see in Yast. Acceptable? There is really no drama -- I've been doing this for years.

When I downloaded the drivers a few days ago the latest one was 290 but I can now see 295 and am downloading it presently. As far as compiling the driver, I think I did that in my previous attempts by using the lnvhw script. However, I'll follow your recipe below and do it by hand.

To begin with you will need to use Yast and download and install:

kernel-desktop-devel and


for the 64-bit kernel you are using (as you mentioned above).

Once these are installed, go to the nVidia site and download the latest 295 driver, here:

Once the driver is downloaded, create a new folder in your home directory called, say, nvidia so that the driver can quickly found in one of the later steps (below); copy or move the new driver into this 'nvidia' folder.

Close down any running applications and then press CTRL+SLT+F3; login as root and then enter:

init 3 <Return>

Login as root again. Then do

cd /home/<your-user-name>/nvidia

Type 'ls -l' to make sure that the new driver is there.

Then,while in this nvidia folder, type

sh NVIDIA<press TAB to complete the file name entry>

and press RETURN

This will start the compilation process of the new driver. WATCH WHAT COMES on the screen -- in all cases EXCEPT the third screen you would normally anwer YES; on the third screen you will see, "The CC check has failed..." and then you need to respond with either Yes or No - select NO. The compiling of the driver will continue and in a minute or so you will have a new nvidia driver. Answer the remaining couple of questions (Yes is fine). When this is all finished you will be left at the root's #> prompt.

Type now 'init 5' and you will be taken to the normal login screen where you enter your user password to login to use the system. Your new nvidia driver is now in place and working. If you need to do some tweaks then go to Kickoff>Applications>Applications (similar - depends on where these were put in the menu)>NVIDIA X Server Settings and tweak (if necessary) your resolution and refresh rate although both should already be automatically set by the driver.

(Addendum: occasionally when you start to compile the driver you may get an error message that the driver cannot be compiled because...... Don't worry: simply reboot your computer. BUT to save hassles, at the Grub menu type in 'init 3' on the kernel boot line so that the computer boots into init 3 straight away.)

Any questions - ask.

Actually, yes I have a question on this recipe. Don't I have to blacklist the nouveau driver also before switching the X server back on?

Thanks again. I'll report on success or failure as soon as I get there.

Best regards, Alex.

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