Re: [opensuse] Re: ipv4 forwarding - any known issues?

James Knott wrote:

Linda Walsh wrote:
James Knott wrote:

Hans de Faber wrote:
I see you mention only one default gateway.
If forwarding is a router functionality then each subnet should
have its own default gateway.
Am I correct ?

Absolutely not. While there may be other routes, there can only be
one default route, which is used when no other route matches. It's
used when the router says "I don't know where this goes, let the
next guy worry about it".
Each subnet **could** have a separate default route, since each
subnet may have one single machine that is different for each subnet,
that allows then
got "get out" (to the internet).

I thought we were talking about a router with more than 1 interface.
A router can only have a single default route (ignoring fall back
protection etc.), no matter how many interfaces it has. In your
of those single machines, the single default route still applies.
Don't forget, "default" means what you get, if you don't make a
choice. You can't have more than one of those.

Well, actually you have one default route per routing table. I guess
this could be construed as having multiple default routes :-)

Per Jessen, Zürich (5.1°C)

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