Re: [opensuse] ping - bug 731551 - openSUSE 12.1 system does not shutdown completely

Basil Chupin wrote:

On 03/03/12 20:52, Per Jessen wrote:

Any chance of anyone taking more than a casual look at this?

Aawww, it was first reported only 3 1/2 months ago. Some things just
cannot be rushed you know......

Besides, I don't have this problem......

So if you issue "halt", your system actually also powers off? That is

BTW, I am running a 32-bit system (12.1) [as well as kernel 3.2.9] and
I did have the same problem at one stage after I installed 12.1 but
some update to something fixed that.

Out of curiosity, which KDE version are you running? I *think* - but
cannot be sure - that this disappeared when I installed KDE 4.8.x but
don't quote me on this.

No KDE, I see it on minimal server installs.

Per Jessen, Zürich (10.9°C)

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