Re: [opensuse] virtualbox won't open

On Wed, 2012-03-21 at 19:02 -0400, Robert Benjamin wrote:

On 3/21/2012 2:30 PM, Mark Misulich wrote:
If you can reply to this question first before I give the details of how
to do it, then it might save some time and we can procede from there.

Unfortunately no, I can only have one HD in the PC at a time.
So you have only one disk in the PC and another one which you remove and
put in a tray when you want to run opensuse is that correct?
One HD in the PC. That's it. So ... if openSuse HD is in the PC
then that's what I use. If I want to use win 7, I have to shut down,
remove the HD with openSuse on it, and insert my HD with win 7 on it and
turn the PC back on. I actually have 4 separate HDs with win 7,
openSuse, Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 11.10. So I can use whichever one I want,
just have to shut down, remove the HD that's in there and put in one
that I want. The HDs are in a mobile rack from Addonics It's the snap-in series. The rack is mounted in the PC
and you open it, slip in an HD, close it and lock it then boot the PC. I
think the web page has a picture of the rack. Meanwhile, I'll look for
the legal info on the PC or in the booklet so I can get the win 7 iso
legally. Thanks again. Bob
I took a look at the HD mount that you talk about in your post. It
looks like it fits in one of the optical disk drive bays and allows you
to remove the HD from the front of the computer. If I have this all
wrong, you can correct me easily.
You have it right. You just unlock it and flip the door open and
the HD comes out like it shows. It does fir in one of the optical drive
bays. You may have to modify the case at the front to get that rack to fit.

If it is the situation that this HD mount is a sort of add-on unit that
fits in the optical drive bay, is it possible that there are internal
mounting bays for hard drives that are only accessible by taking the
side cover off of the computer?

Not sure about internal mounting bays. The one I use is accessible from
the front of the PC tower. It just opens lie the picture shows on that
web page. It has to be connected inside the case in an empty drive bay.
Knowledgeable guys like you should have no problem connecting it. Just
be sure you have 2 bays in case one is used by a HD. My PC is a Dell
Inspiron which is about 1 1/2 years old. They may have modified the
bays. Do you have a link to win 7 .iso legal copy. I assume with the
.iso I can use it to install win 7 as a guest in V Box.
Thanks. Bob

if you are up for it, unplug the computer and disconnect all the cables
from the case. Move the case to a table top where you can look it over.
Then you will find that one side of the case will come loose if you
release a couple of latches. They look like plastic knobs on the back
of the case, usually. When the side is off, then you can take a look
inside the case to see if there are some mounting bays for hard drives.
There are usually enough bays to fit two or more hard drives, and they
are often below where the optical drive mounts are built in to the case.
Don't touch any of the circuit boards or parts inside the case, just
have a look for mounts. When you are done, put everything back

If you want to, have a look and post back.

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