Re: [opensuse] Re: virtualbox won't open

On 23/03/12 14:41, Robert Benjamin wrote:

On 03/23/2012 09:08 AM, lynn wrote:
On 23/03/12 13:57, Robert Benjamin wrote:

On 03/23/2012 08:19 AM, lynn wrote:
On 23/03/12 12:36, C wrote:
On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 12:23, Eberhard Roloff<tuxebi@xxxxxx> wrote:
bit and this openSuse I'm using is a 32 bit version. So wich
win 7 do I get for the .iso 32 bit to match openSuse or 64
bit which I have on a separate HD.

You will need to have a win7 32bit iso in order to use win 7 inside
virtualbox running on top of Suse 32bit.

Actually... no. You can install a 64 bit guest on a 32 bit host,
provided you meet the 3 prerequisites. See the documentation here:

That said, there is little to no benefit to installing a 64 bit
Windows guest anyway (for almost all use cases), so Eberhard's comment
is still good advice :-)


At this stage, we do not wish to introduce anything even slightly
L x

Well I like a challenge and don't usually give up. Especially with all
you great people helping me. Do I actually burn a DVD with a 32 bit win
7 iso or follow your instructions about putting it in

No need to burn the iso. When you first start the machine after you
have set it up and clicked on the green start arrow, you have an
option to select the iso image you have downloaded. The default is a
burned iso but just alongside that field is a folder icon. Choose that
and point it at your downloaded iso.

OK. I am a member of a user group. I copied the iso file from the 8th
place on the list and copied it to /home/benjie1/.virtualbox So I guess
that's OK too now. Still not clear about the iso. Do I still need to
make a DVD with a win 7 iso on it, or are we all set to press start?

No need to do anything with the win7 iso. Leave it where and as it is. You are ready to go. If you have already clicked on new and setup the disk, then click on the start arrow.

Good luck with the yard work;-)

hoping for the latter. :-) Time to do a little yard work, yukkk Back
soon as hope to get this going. Thanks again Lynn. Bob

/home/benjie1/.virtualbox from the 8th one on the list you told me about

NO no no! The guest additions iso needs copying to your .VirtualBox
folder in your home directory. It has nothing to do with the windows 7

. Ready to do either one now. And then I guess I can open VBox. In the
box where it says operating system and below that the version. Is that
the guest or host names that go there. My guess is it is guest. Things
seem to be going well. Thanks Bob

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