[opensuse] Re: openSuSE does't detect Android cellphone

Le 04/04/2012 14:33, Patrick Shanahan a écrit :
* jdd<jdd@xxxxxxxxx> [04-04-12 05:26]:

mount /dev/sdh /mnt
mount : no media found in /dev/sdh

/dev/sdh is the physical disk, not a partition.

not always. My ebook reader do not have partition and mount anyway

mount -t auto /dev/sdh1 /mnt/<some-directory>

say "non existent device" and ls /dev/sdh* shows only sdh

nor fdisk nor yast found any sdh

ps: It is also advised against mounting to "/mnt"

for test only

I get the same messages with my motorola android, but have always been
able to mount the sd card and phone via mpt mode. I recently installed
"AirDroid" and no longer fiddle with usb. Interface is slightly different
but little loss of function, more different methods.

I usually use filexpert and ftp through wifi, but usb is much more convenient and it worked just 4 days ago :-(


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