Re: [opensuse] MozillaFirefox-3.6.x already dropped?

On 04/12/2012 07:38 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
Not necessary and uncalled for. Please support the project.

You have not debated a point or offered direction or solution.

What did you really accomplish?

Don't get me wrong Patrick. I'm not knocking the project at all. Like I said
earlier, I'm using 11.0 without any major complaints. I understand the
development hurdles the project will go through before all is ironed out, but I
can't help wonder how many of them are somewhat 'self-inflicted.' How many
other projects have we seen that try to branch out well beyond their core
functionality only to pay the price of endless mediocrity or end up devoting all
resources to chasing bugs endlessly for things totally unrelated to the cure
function of the package.

Linux - many small applications that do one thing -- well.

Uncalled for? Certainly not. Simply an observation on opensource development not
particularly assailing any one thing at all. More, something to make us all
think the next time we sit down to make a web browser -- that answers the
telephone -- and warms the bath water -- does this really add to what this
application was designed to do.

As for the rendering issue Felix brought up -- there is nothing more frustrating
than having an application not be capable of presenting information in a way it
has for the past decade. I'm sure that web designers with a decade of content
that no longer displays correctly are just as frustrated and bewildered by the
firefox broken IE and Safari behavior in Gecko as I am with LibreOffice being
incapable of correctly rendering character spacing in a decade worth of
OpenOffice documents. We would all do a better job, as opensource, if we would
put more emphasis on insuring a consistent product, especially on those that are
intended to be relied on in a business or production environment.

So when I say "another case of 'progress' which ends up not being progress after
all" it is intended as a reminder that for opensource to truly be a reliable
alternative, then software relied upon cannot radically depart from from what it
does from release cycle to release cycle. And sometimes what for some is a small
change for some completely changes the product in the eyes of another.

As for FF and TB, I think they have done a great job in moving the ball forward.
Granted, in my use of the browser and mailer I don't notice any difference
between 3.X and 11.X, but I do notice the dramatic increase in CPU use and drop
in interface responsiveness. On both those points - whatever 'progress' has been
made in the browser has not ended up being 'progress' after all. However,
security and privacy improvements aside, none of it makes any difference to the
way I use it, except for the fact that it eats more CPU and takes longer to load.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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