[opensuse] Regression bug in vim-enhanced 12.1 package -- it include a console 'vi' that requires 'X' to be running.

I recently installed the
vim-enhanced (7.3 22.1.3) and
gvim-7.3.22 (which is called 'gvim-normal' upon install though it seems to have the script langs).

The console version of vi hangs on startup if an 'X' server isn't running
(DISPLAY is defined whether the X server is running or not)...

I run 'vi' rarely, but have had lately because my 'X' servers on Windows are broken (cygwin and Xming...).. so vi hangs ...

The reason I use 'vi(m)' is often because I don't have an 'X' server running.

It still **eventuallly**.. (if you interrupt where it is waiting in the network call to the Xserver -- checked via strace), get 'vi' to come up in console mode.

If the 'X' server is running, it comes up promptly in console mode.

But it shouldn't require the X server to be running at all (not for 'vim')...

has this been patched yet?

forgive me if it has been already -- I have been dilatory in updating my
patches directory...

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