Re: [opensuse] tablet pc

On 04/22/2012 07:48 PM, michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
My normal home desktop is OpenSUSE 12.1.

I have a tf101 EEE transformer. I too use samba via ES File
Explorer. Plus I also use rsync and a full shell environment from in
terminal on the tf101 via the non-root method provided by Kevin
Boone here:

I do like the keyboard dock on the tf101 - makes it a bit heavier,
but you can always leave it at home. The docks extra battery
capacity and charging prioritisation/hierarchy are quite useful.

I would want to store a few things from my computer on the tablet. I have lots of pictures that I need for work (the tablet would assist me with presentations). I also have multiple sound files - mp3s mainly - language files that I use for my continual language review in my work. So I would want a way to move them over to the PC. I would not necessarily have to "sync" them, but a syncing mechanism would probably make it more useful.

Then I would also want to move some of my ebooks I have downloaded onto the tablet.

If setting it up with a Samba host is easier, then that is probably the way to transfer files, so I appreciate the tip on that.

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