[opensuse] Re: [opensuse-factory] Recent hardware incompatibilities

On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 14:27, C wrote:
On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 14:07, Sid Boyce wrote:
Recently I have tried using Asus Sabertooth 990FX and Gigabyte 990FX
motherboards and experienced problems.

They both need IOMMU disabled in the BIOS in order to boot.

Interesting.  I've got a Gigabyte 990 motherboard in my current
computer, and I didn't need to disable IOMMU to get it to boot.  IOMMU
has been around for years... what kernel version were you having
issues with?

Ooops... just checked with dmidecode and I've got a GA-990XA-UD3. So
that's probably just enough different than the 990FX....

That said, I can recommend the board... works fine with the AMD Phenom
II X4 965 Black Edition CPU I put in it.

openSUSE 12.1 x86_64, KDE 4.8.2
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