Re: [opensuse] clearing KDE files

On Monday 23 Apr 2012 11:22:01 Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Will Stephenson <wstephenson@xxxxxxx> [04-23-12 11:17]:

If you are experiencing slowdowns, lockups, and unresponsive KDE, it could
be a bug in a kded module which I am currently troubleshooting. The
symptoms are intermittently unresponsive global shortcuts such as
ctrl-alt-del, unresponsive Plasma, slow to open KDE file dialog
integration in Chromium, Thunderbird etc. Can you provide more details
on your problem before we move on to slaughtering black fowl over your
keyboard and chanting?

I have an asus laptop exhibiting extreme slow-down with Tumbleweed and
kde4-4.8.2. May be related. It is primarily a test box, what information
would you like. And should this be moved to factory or kde?

If the mouse pointer locks up during the slowdown, it's not my issue.

During the slowdown, does 'qdbus org.kde.kded' hang or return a list of
services? (the content is not important, just whether kded4 answers).

If it responds, it's also another issue.

It's been seen on 12.1 so stay on this list for now until I can determine
which kded module actually causes the bug.

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