Re: [opensuse] What is our relation with SUSE and Novell etc?

Adding Jos just in case he has something to add, not certain if he reads this list.

On 04/23/2012 02:01 PM, Roger Luedecke wrote:
I think I understand how we relate to SUSE and other Attachmate group
companies, but wanted to make sure I had it down. As I understand it,
SUSE/Novell is essentially just another sponsor of openSUSE, and its
developers are essentially just like any other community members.


Novell still is the legal entity, but as far as project sponsorship is concerned the money/infrastructure/people comes from SUSE.

However I have heard it is SUSE employees that handle bug reports,

This is not necessarily correct. bugreports should be handled by the package maintainer, whether or not this person is employed by SUSE is immaterial. This process was just made easier by dropping the connection of openSUSE bugs to a SUSE internal tool. There was an announcement about this on the factory list, I think. Any community member that maintains a package can and should handle bugs in the same way a community member that happens to work for SUSE handles bugs.

and I
know that SUSE employs people to work on openSUSE.

Yes, SUSE employs a number of people that are dedicated to openSUSE and we are hiring more, see

Henne sent a post about this to one of the mailing lists, probably -project.

I was wanting to write an article clarifying how we are more of a
community than the product we produce, and want to make sure I have the
facts straight.

For the article you do not need to mention Novell as for project purposes Novell is only a legal entity.


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