Re: [opensuse] Still wanting to upgrade to 12.1 ..............

On 2012/04/22 20:59 (GMT-0500) Duaine Hechler composed:

- Can't get my MB sound card to work (Intel ICH7) consistent.

- alsasound will not stay "yes" in the system service levels.

- rcalsasound or alsactl reports (alsa) "inactive" - and - can't get it active.

I have two 12.1 installations on ICH7/82801G. I did nothing personally involving sound configuration on either. Both were fresh installs.

The one with working sound has sysvinit-init installed. The one with non-working sound doesn't. I have no recollection if there's anything else that distinguishes the two other than installation and updates made at different times. According to the release notes (wherever they disappeared to), more than one problem may be solved by installing sysvinit-init, which replaces the buggy immature systemd init system.
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