Re: [opensuse] Slow mail processing

Carlos E. R. wrote:

I'm wondering why mail processing is slow in my machine (about 1 mail
per second).

If that is real time from beginning of reception to delivery to mailbox,
that's not particularly slow.

I know it is because of slow antispam processing, by both
amavisd and spamd (spamd is triggered via local .procmailrc rules).
The actual antispam is done by spamd, amavis cares of malware.

But it should be faster, this is a powerful machine.

Processing of email is not CPU-intensive, it's much more about DNS and
waiting for it.

The processing by amavis takes between 120 ms and 600 ms. Not bad,
considering. Spamd is slower, takes around 3 or more seconds per
message (3..6).

amavis presumably uses clamav, which is a very fast check. spamassassin
has a much more complex ruleset including various DNS lookups
(depending on your config).

I think it is because of the waiting for online tests, so the solution
would be to have more simultaneous processes. I have done this in the
past - - but it is not working now.

I have done these changes:


SPAMD_ARGS="-d -c --max-children=7 "


$max_servers = 5; # num of pre-forked children (2..30 is
common), -m #CER - was 2


procmail unix - n n - 7 pipe
flags=R user=nobody argv=/usr/bin/procmail -t -m /etc/procmailrc
${sender} ${recipient}

smtp-amavis unix - - n - 7 lmtp
-o lmtp_data_done_timeout=1200
-o lmtp_send_xforward_command=yes

I understand that it is postfix which controls how many subprocesses
it starts, via those lines in But instead of 7 procmail
processes I only get two.
There are at most two spamc processess... something is holding it
But what?

a local delivery maximum setting?

Per Jessen, Zürich (6.6°C)

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