Re: [opensuse] Can't Update while defaulting to IPv6

Carlos E. R. wrote:
Either way, that sounds like a misconfiguration of sshd. I have IPv6 turned
> off on mine and I can access it via ssh both from within the local lan and
> from outside using NAT and/or port forwarding.
The problem is that the case where there is IPv6 in the local network, but
not in the internet access, is not handled nicely.

There is always IPv6 in the local network, unless you turn it off. Every IPv6 capable device should have an IPv6 link local address, which started with "FE80". However the IP stack should see there's no route off the local network. Also, I've never turned off IPv6 and even when it wasn't available, I never had problems. I've had IPv6 for about 2 years, so it's enabled and works well.

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