Re: [opensuse] Login password(s) not accepted

On 30/04/12 19:49, Mark Misulich wrote:


I had this problem after doing a zypper dup and solved it by doing the

I logged in to IceWM instead of KDE. I started yast> software
management> kernel. I downgraded my kernel and rebooted. I selected
KDE at the login screen and KDE started right up.

Once I was back in KDE, I started yast> software management> kernel
and upgraded the kernel. Then I rebooted into the new kernel and KDE
without problem.

The use of another DE is most interesting and something which was already suggested Phanisvara. It sounds like a very good idea to have a standby DE available.

But you don't say which kernel you were running at the time and to which kernel you downgraded. I am only using the kernel which was installed by default and have not upgraded it (like I did do when running the 32-bit version where I was running version 3.3.x of the kernel). So, which version did you downgrade to when you came across this problem?


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