[opensuse] Mounting fuse filesystems from dolphin

I am running OpenSuse 12.1 I have a webdav partition, with a mount
point configured in /etc/fstab, mounted via fuse/wdfs:

wdfs#https://webdav.yandex.ru/ /mnt/yandex fuse
users,noauto,username=myusername,password=secret 0 0

It is listed as "noauto" because my laptop is often not online, and so
I don't want it mounting. Everything works just fine from the command
line: I can mount with "mount /mnt/yandex" and unmount with
"fusermount -u /mnt/yandex"

However, the entry for this mount does not show up in the "places"
list in Dolphin, and I cannot figure out any way to add it there. I
can add the /mnt/yandex folder to "places", but it does not give me an
option to mount it. I also tried device notifier, with the option to
show all devices, but it does not show up as a device, either, even
though other fstab entries (like Windows partitions) do.

Is it possible to mount a fuse partition either from Dolphin or from
device notifier? I'd like to make this accessible to a couple of
non-technical users who know how to use Dolphin, but aren't
comfortable with CLI.

I know about the "network/add network folder" option in KDE, but I'd
like the mount to be accessible to non-kde applications, and so
mounting throuhgh fstab + some gui command is what I need.

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