[opensuse] Strange behavior of external disk with encrypted and clear partitions

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I'm using external USB disk with 2 partitions. One with NTFS used for
exchange with Windows machines and another one has ReiserFS. Recently
I've decided to replace ReiserFS partition with new one, encrypted. I
did it using Yast partitioner (in oS12.1).

Now I experience the following strange behavior:
When I connect this disk when oS12.1 (64 bits) is running, non-encrypted
partition is auto-mounted, as expected, and encrypted one is not. Now, I
just want to copy some file to non-encrypted NTFS partition.
Surprisingly the copying is terribly slow (estimated time for 500 MB
file is 4 hours).
I have oS 11.4 (32 bits) on the same computer I have not defined
encrypted mount there. I reboot to 11.4, connect the same disk and voilà
- the copy takes less then minute.

if I unlock encrypted partition using Yast partitioner in 12.1 the
copying is still crawling.
I do not see any messages in system log at that time.

Any advice how to debug it? What can slow down the write access (my
impression is that reading is still OK, though I only transferred small
files, so I can't say for sure)?

- -- Mark
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