Re: Alternatives to ubuntu?

What are your needs ? do you use video ? do you have a swap partition ?
How does it react when using apps but not connecting on internet at same time ?
btw : firefox is a navigator, not a GUI: gui is a graphic user interface, the type of layer that's over the system, if I can explain that way ?
Best greetings, J.M

Filip Svendsen a écrit :
I have 512 MB ram, but if I thought ram would help on the sluggishness
I'd probably get more. But I still have sluggishness when top says I
have plenty of free ram.

On 1/3/06, J.Markoll <j.markoll@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Will H. Backman a écrit :

Filip Svendsen wrote:

I realize this is probably one of the worst possible places to ask
this, but I'm looking for an alternative to Ubuntu. My problem is that
the interface feels so incredibly sluggish. I'm not talking about
startup times of apps, which really doesn't bother me at all; it's the
responsiveness of apps after they've started. In particular firefox is
incredibly slow, compared to under windows 2000.

I really don't want to go back to windows again, so I'm interested in
if anybody knows how well gnome and firefox runs under for example
Are their other performance-minded distros out there?
Venlig hilsen
Filip Svendsen

Perhaps the question should be: How do I troubleshoot performance problems in Ubuntu.

I happened to have performence trouble, that were finally due to bad connecteurs. I changed the wires, and that was it. Another time I did a cleaning on the CD device lens. Sometimes one has such problems because of too little RAM. Filip, do you have less than 128 Mo on your muchine ? Graphic environment : you don't like Gnome, try Kde, or Xfce4.2 or Ion3 or BlackBox, or Fluxbox, or Ratpoison, (I don't remember the others)... :) Best greetings, Joyce Markoll.

PS: you can try other distros if you want to. Do a search on

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