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On Wednesday 2006 February 01 06:31, Peter Garrett wrote:
> That's unfortunate. I have used Warty, Hoary and Breezy and kept them up
> to date with
> sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
> without any problems at all. Before that I ran Debian Woody and Sid, using
> the same approach, again without problems.
> Perhaps you should trust Ubuntu more than you seem to?
> Not updating means you are vulnerable to security issues, and missing out
> on possible bug fixes. I use only main, universe and multiverse
> repositories, and have had no problems. Third party repositories are of
> course a different matter.
> Peter
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> 'If I ever saw an animated penguin with a speech bubble saying,
> "It looks like you're trying to edit fstab",
> I'd switch to BSD faster than a speeding Gentoo user.'
> -- Paul Hudson
Yep... something's busted.  Post-upgrade.  See my OP w/subj line, 

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