Re: Recipe manager app for Ubuntu

On Tue, 21 Feb 2006 17:49:08 -0600, Nitebirdz wrote:


Does anyone know of a good recipe manager app that runs on Ubuntu under
GNOME? I read about gourmet (see link below), but it's not in the
repository and it has a dependency on the libmetakit-python which is not
currently in the Ubuntu repositories either. Yes, I know it's always
possible to download the source and compile from there, but I'd rather
stick to the nice apt-get/Synaptic system if possible at all. It makes
management so much easier.

I installed the metakit stuff from the universe repositories and then
converted the gourmet*.rpm in alien. Works fine for me. That way you can
uninstall using apt if you want to later. It's called libmetakit2.4.9.3c2.
You may need to access the universe repositories, if you can't see it at
the moment.



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