Re: wep & give up ubuntu

Camuzat Sebastien wrote:
Hi everyone !
Im very disappointed because I will have to give up
ubuntu, on my 2 computers.

In fact within a few days, Ill move my computers in a
place where internet connexion is wireless only.

Under Ubuntu I did not solve the wep encryption, and I
do not want to deactivate (wep) encryption.

Ive tried gtkwifi, kwifimanager, tips given in this
mailing-list, nothing works. Two cards, one intersil
recognized out of the box, the other works with

My router does not allow dhcp when the signal is
encrypted by ubuntu.

I do not understand. I use my laptop with 2 nic's. 1 at work with gigabit cable and 1 at home with wep. Both work flawlessly in regardi to network access. ( i have a centrino laptop)

my /etc/network/interfaces regarding eth1(wireless) :

auto eth1

iface eth1 inet dhcp
wireless-essid <insert ESSID here>
wireless-key <insert hexvalue here>

Max Andersen

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