services & printer

1. I have three computers at my office. I would like to share the
printer. I understand that it could be done by editing /etc/cups/~
files, but I am missing a graphical utility/option that can do this
easily - like in fedora: Just click/select the printer and say it is
sharable by such&such hosts. Once such proposal is made here but I am
not sure after reading this whether it will be
implemented in dapper?
2. Similarly how about a graphical tool to configure boot/shut down
scripts. I really want to stop all those services that I may not use. I
know that BUM is available, but it seems to adjust only the start up
scripts only - because at the shut down time lot of error messages
appear which is really confusing (irritating?).
Can someone throw light on my request/apprehension? Thanks in advance.

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