Re: Firefox & Thunderbird fonts

On Thursday 13 April 2006 4:25 pm, Keith Powell wrote:
I have just downloaded the latest upgrades for my Dapper Flight5,
and I now have a problem with fonts in Firefox and Thunderbird.

The "body" fonts in both programs are now *very* small serif and I
can hardly read them. Headers, message lists, etc, are still as
they were before. In fact, I am having some difficulty in seeing
what I am typing!

All font settings are as they were and I cannot find any way of
making the body fonts larger and sans-serif.

Just to repeat, I have checked the system font settings and the
font settings in Firefox and Thunderbird, and they are exactly the
same as they were before.

I have done a test of reinstalling Dapper on a spare hard drive. No
problems with the fonts. Then I upgraded it, using a CD which had all
the upgrades on, including today's. however, I didn't upgrade Firefox
or Thunderbird from the CD. Fonts went bad again. So it definitely
appears to be an upgrade which is causing it. But which one?

Any ideas, please, and I will downgrade that package again.

Many thanks


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