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Keith Richie wrote:
I have been plagued with these same problems with Ubuntu. What I did
to fix it was set up my connection with a static IP. Depending on your
router, set your IP as something like
<>, also set the gateway as your router's IP. I've
tried disabling IPv6 system wide, in Firefox...... none of that solved
the problem. I thought it was a flaky DNS from my ISP, so I tried
several different, no luck. Once I set a static IP everything was
solved. Upon a fresh install of Dapper plagued with the exact same
network problems. So I did the same, set up a static IP, but left IPv6
enabled, zero problems.

I wonder exactly what the problem is though? I don't have these issues
with CentOS, nor Windows. It doesn't matter if I use a Netgear or
Linksys router, or if I connect directly to the cable modem. Unless I
specify a static IP, my connection is slow and intermittent.

Reading this list, and the forums it seems to be a common enough
problem though, that is always passed on to the fault of the router. I
don't believe this is it. If it was, people would be having the same
issues inside Windows. Windows XP and 2000 both have IPv6 enabled by
default. Perhaps the DHCP client is bugged? Who knows.

I think you're correct. I don't believe it is the fault of the router.
I have had the same issues with IPv6 in both Ubuntu and Debian. But I
also have an iMac connected to the same modem/router (in my case, my
ISP-provided modem is also a router) and I have no connectivity issues
under OS X, which has IPv6 enabled. I can try to load a website with
Firefox, watch it time-out; scoot over to my iMac and load the same
website with Firefox with no problem.

I've also seen people blame Firefox and Mozilla, but the problem goes
well beyond Mozilla and other Gecko browsers. Even w3m fails for me,
unless I explicitly invoke the "-4" option, which is to use IPv4 only.

It's also not an across-the-board Linux issue, though I have seen people
using other distros have some similar problems. But it is particularly
bad with Debian and Ubuntu, and I suppose, other Debian-based distros.
Arch Linux works just fine for me, with IPv6 enabled.

But I did recently make a discovery that I haven't had time to pursue.
After I reinstalled Debian recently, it started working out of the box,
with no disabling of IPv6 necessary. I wasn't sure what caused this,
but I found that when I installed the full gnome metapackage, the
problem returned. I uninstalled the gnome package and left just the
gnome-desktop-environment metapackage installed, and the problem went
away. Looking at the differences between the packages, it seems like
avahi is the most likely culprit. Under Debian, it gets installed with
gnome but not with gnome-desktop-environment; and it is directly related
to DNS configuration and IPv6 in particular. I haven't even had a
chance to check how this package is installed in Ubuntu as I've been
distracted by some family issues and haven't had time to futz around.
At this point, I'll probably just wait for Dapper. But anyone else
having these problems might want to take a look at what avahi does.

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Hi Keith and Michael!

We may be talking about many differant problems here. Avahi is about
mDNS/DNS-SD for Linux (Zeroconf stuff!). See:

When I troubleshot my problem I used tcpdump to capture the network traffic
(actual packet capture) and ethereal to analyze what the packets. I know
that the modem's responce to IPv6 DNS queries from FC4 and Ubuntu Breezy
were the same (and unuseable). I know that not using the modem's DNS
consistantly solves the problem (alaways and completeley). I do not have
control of the modem itself so I cannot update it.

There is some talk that the implementation of IPv6 has been done "per MS
data kit" and not per the standard. Too particular for me to look into at
this time. I too will wait for them to work it all out.

In the meantime I will look toward helping Lutzer find a consistant way to
route DNS queries away from his modem while using it's DNS.

May we all find good time to futz,

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