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Thanks Avraham, obviously, there's features that each product has and
Evo seems to focus on a core similarity to Outlook 2000 and not too many
bells and whistles. It does what I want and is snappy in the UI as I've
said. I have been disappointed in Thunderbirds speed but I understand it
and Kontact hav a much richer feature set.

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Russell Cook wrote:
On Tue, 2006-05-16 at 11:32 +0100, Jon Dixon wrote:
Russell Cook wrote:
Just out of interest does anyone else find the following.

Evolution is much snappier than Thunderbird. When I change messages in
the window list, Evolution takes noticeably less time than thunderbird
to display the new message. For me, responsiveness of the user
interface/experience is important and on my reasonably fast AMD have a
noticeable difference to display the next message is off putting about
thunderbird. It's one of the things Evo does right IMHO.

The speed of FF, TB and OOo in Ubuntu Dapper is considerably slower that
the same programs in Windows XP on my box. That was a great
disappointment for me, since I was lead to believe that Linux was faster.

TB allows me to prepare templates which I use daily for letterhead
stationery and mailings. TB allows me to insert or paste graphics. TB
allows me to write in Hebrew. Evolution does none of these. It also does
not have an audio alarm for appointments. That's pretty much what made
me look into Kubuntu.


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