Re: Ubuntu has corrupted my file !

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On 14/11/2006, at 7:59 PM, sebastien wrote:

ARGH ! ! !

Dont understand what has happened.
Yesterday I was working under openoffice spreadsheet normally & shut
down as usual (as far as I can remember).

This morning Ubuntu's boot make a fsck (check forced, boot 30 times
without check). And I cannot access to my file ! My so precious
file on
which I have worked so much !

AFAIK only non-journalling file systems impose this mandatory fsck
after a certain number of reboots etc. Why not use (at least) ext3
or reiserfs/jfs/xfs???

Secondly, I doubt *very* much that Ubuntu (Linux) is solely
responsible for your dilemma - are you sure there's not an underlying
hardware issue (like a dying hard drive?). What's the output of
"badblocks /dev/???" where ???=your hard drive.

When I open it OO says 'general I/O error'.

Tried copying it to a new file name and openning that? No idea if
that will fix anything, but I've seen stranger things in the past
work ;)

How can I recover it if I can ? I fear everything's lost. But why ?

See above :)

Im disappointed I thought Id never have this kind of problem in such a
stable OS. There might be a solution, no ?

Stop using an ancient file system - backup your data (completely),
and reformat with filesystem that supports journalling. If your
partition is ext2, you can migrate to ext3 without reformatting:

Good luck,

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