Re: Webmin on Dapper\Edgy

On 11/25/06, Dean Sas <dean@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


"And I was really hoping no one would bring up webmin. It's a piece of
software so horrifyingly vile that we want absolutely _nothing_ to do
with it, not even carry it in the Ubuntu archive. The entirety of the
ubuntu-server team had a small celebration the day that package was

Steve Tripp wrote:
Well, I've been using Webmin for quite a few years and don't plan on
stopping now just because some developers poo poo it. I'm not privy to
makes them say that about one of the most stable and versatile apps I've
ever used, but it's no skin off my nose because I've always installed from
tarball. I've used Webmin in quite a few situations on a dozen Linux
flavors, Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X where endusers needed
restricted gui access to server processes and there is not a lot out there
that can compete with Webmin for working uniformly across platforms. It is
not perfect, but neither is any other piece of software out there.

Could it be Perl jealousy?

I am sure it is explained. I would also not ignore what you call "some
developers poo poo it" - at least find out why.

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