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About 3 or 4 months ago I installed Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake. At the
time I attempted to set up ftp. I don't have notes on everything I did,
but I am sure that I did an apt-get install proftpd (I often used this
on Debian machines). It wouldn't work. I tried lots of things, read up
on IP Tables and made modifications there, and did a lot of Goggling. I
did quite a bit of reading on Ubuntu help pages. I have heard
suggestions that ports are now turned off by default (the world would be
a safer place if someone would tell M$ about ports being off by
default). I was able to get sftp working, but I never knew exactly what
I did differently with sftp (got it to work) and ftp (did not get it to
work). The slower transfers of sftp are annoying on large files (3GB -
4GB) so I have never been happy with sftp.
Now I am ready to try ftp again. I assume that I am missing something
really simple. If it were tough I would have found something in the
FAQs and Goggle searches. Rather than beat my head against the wall
some more I'll just ask the questions:

1) How would I open ftp ports after doing an apt-get install proftpd?

2) What is the initial port configuration for Dapper Drake and how do we
control the opening and closing of ports for various "apt-get" packages
and for "home brew" code such as perl networking code development?

Thank you,

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