Re: Ubuntu "Feisty Fawn" 7.04 alpha on ZD Net

On Monday 11 December 2006 16:41, Tony wrote:

Wow, they actually talk about something other than Microsoft or Apple over
there. I wonder if Microsoft and Apple will pull their elaborate sponsorships
now, especially Microsoft since he didn't talk about SuSE (OK cheap shot I

Hey, a beta product is broke, and the first pre-alpha/alpha release there is.
Yet they don't complain about MS crashes. Chalk ZDnet up for yet another site
to sling into /dev/null (it joins /., Digg, Groklaw, and more)

Also, note, I am moving this over to Sounder (ubuntu-sounder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
if you would like to discuss this further. Ubuntu-users if for tech support.
Thanks guys! Good find by the way Tony.

.:Richard Johnson

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