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On 12/13/06, Martin Marcher <martin.marcher@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No pun intended but to me it sounds like you'd be better of with a
distro that is more self made (customized). Maybe I'm a bit too old

No self-made distro before yesterday would have solved this bug,
unless I fixed the source myself.

school (already ? - damn I'm getting really old) but printing,
especially to pdfs has worked since I use linux, and has become
especially easy with cups.

Been a while since I had to deal with *cough* paper and *cough*
analog data :) but I'm pretty sure I'd figure a quite usefull
printing setup out again in less than half a day which includes all
options I need (4 on 1 pages, yada yada, the usual stuff). About

Here, there's no way to convince Evince to print 2 or 4 pages in one
correctly. When it actually does print 4 pages, it prints them in
disorder. It's a fixed upstream bug as of yesterday, as I said. This
isn't a weird printer, just a Samsung laser B/W printer that otherwise
works fine.

I do think that there lies much more in educating users than you
think. For the desktop I'm using apple at the moment and have various
servers to maintain, most of them now run ubuntu, and why?

Educating users? To find ancient hardware? Or to make the most of what
they currently have? I'm currently _very_ angry at my telco (Telecom
Italy), because apparently, malware infecting computers is the cause
of me -and many others here- having routing problems. I.e. I can't see
most sites, I can't download my mail (google and gmail are some of the
few sites I can see, luckily), most of my net traffic times out. And
not only did they not do anything to educate users before, they
actually lied to me when I called and asked. I'm seriously thinking
about writing a nice text to introduce my friends to this "malware"
thing, and how it affects _me_ if _their_ computers are filled with

Suddenly, the idea of the ISP cutting net access to them until the
users clean their machines is more and more appealing.

I understand you can do a lot of stuff on "old" hardware. I have, and
I still do. But what I wonder (as you are, with apparently different
answers) is: is it fair to ask Ubuntu to support me on "ancient" HW?
I'd say "no". You and others don't seem to think like me, that's all.

We're even thinking about commercial support, so I'm using this old
hardware (it's not my hardware but still) and I'm pretty sure that
within the next 3 month's we'll have a support contract. Which in
turn makes me pay the developers which in turn (you started talking
about developers that get paid) would make my vote count more than
yours (assuming you download ubuntu and don't buy it).

I do, and I don't, respectively. Luckily for me, it doesn't work this
way. And unless you or I start working for Canonical, I doubt this
discussion will do much in this regard.


PS: the mail could be a little confusing I'm going to be nearly 24h
awake....well looking at the clock I AM 24H AWAKE. NEED COFFEE NEED
CIGARETTES - so please be patient, I really didn't want to offend you
even if some parts could sound like that, and I'm too lazy to read
thru my mail again :)

No offense taken. I've spent a max of 4 days awake, and it was
"interesting". In a Chinese sense. Hope you can get some sleep soon.

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