Intro and a few questions

I am quite new at Linux, very much a Nuby, so you all please bare with
me as I've only been up for about a day now. I have a couple of
questions if someone would be ever so kind to assist me.

1. I am currently running Ubuntu with Orca. I am trying to find out if
anyone knows in Evolution what the keyboard shortcut is in order to
allow me to simply use my arrow keys to move freely through the content
of my e-mails. A friend told me he or she thought it was F9, however I
treid that, with no luck. Actually, it appears that F9 is the shortcut
to send and receive all mail. Yes, I did think to try alt, or shift, or
control, with no luck. The only way so far I've found to get around
this, which isn't really a big deal, as much as it's kind of annoying,
is to use my review commands, go down to the actual body of the message,
then do a left mouse button click. Then Orca seems to move focus and I
then can up and down arrow just fine. Apparently though, according to
this friend, that isn't really necessary.

2. My next question is, has anyone had any experience with abcde? If
so, basicly the deal is, that I looked in /etc/abcde.conf but I cannot
find the part of the file that I need to either modify or uncomment in
order to allow the program to encode into mp3. I do have the
gstreamer0.10-plugin-bad and the gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly codecs. So
I know that I should, at the very least have a decoder, if not an
encoder, although, yeah, I know, a decoder isn't really going to help in
this case since I'm trying to encode from CD. I tried using Audio
Juicer, which may I add, I love, except that I'm only in the format box
under preferences, seeing flack, lossless, or some other form, can't
recall exactly, but I assure you that it isn't mp3, nor is it vorbis.
It's actually ripping by default in vorbis, which I don't have a problem
with per say, but some times it is nice to have a regular mp3 file.

3. My last question is, is there any program that will allow me to use
my computer as an alarm clock. Yes, I do know I could set up a kron
job, but I don't quite feel ready yet to tackle kron. I've been told
for beginners, it's somewhat complicated to start with.

Sorry for all the questions, but let's start with these, and then we'll
go from there.

Thanks in advance,


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