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David B Teague wrote:
I am a Windows refugee. I used and managed Unix 5.x and Linux in the



3) What do I tell the Ubuntu installation about my IP number? I should
be able to query Windows about the IP number it is using. I would guess
I can use that. Can someone tell me how to do this? The bootable CD
finds the internet automatically.

The bootable CD uses DHCP to get the IP information. When installed
this is likely to be the default method also.

Do you connect to the internet via an ADSL modem/router with your PC
connected to the router with an ethernet patch cable?
This is the easiest method, and it sounds a bit like you may be using
this common method.

Using DHCP the internet device (router, say) allocates an IP number to
your PC.

If you wish you can choose a particular IP number for the PC (I do
this usually, and often after the install with DHCP).

Your ISP will allocate an IP number to your connection. Usually this
may change from time to time, your adsl modem router will take care of
this. Some ISP accounts allow you to keep a fixed IP address from your
ISP, these are generally a bit more expensive and more common for
business use.

The ip adresses of the PCs allocated from your router are likely to
use addresses similar to

This is not related to the IP address your ISP connects with to your
modem router, which is a normal full internet IP address.


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