Re: java 2RE

I use the self extracting binary... I don't like the idea of installing
RPMs on a DEB environment.

I did have to tweak the "alternatives" settings for that to be properly
integrated into ubuntu, but you can do it simply by modifying what the
/usr/bin/java and other related binaries link to (they point to
/etc/alternatives/XXX which you need to link to what you want).

I've just done this to get Java 1.6 to run... quite nicely... on my
Ubuntu laptop.


norman a écrit :
Could some kind person please jog my memory. I have a vague recollection
that, before java 2RE can be used, it is necessary to make a selection
using a terminal. My problem is that I cannot remember what needs to be

sudo update-alternatives --config java

Thanks so far, now, my next question. There are 2 possible downloads
from the Java website one described as self extracting and the other as
RPM. I think I should use the RPM version as this seems to put the
various files where needed in the system whereas the self extracting
seems not to do this. I would be most grateful for your expert opinion


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