Re: dpkg and apt-get cannot work

On 1/9/07, Yixuan Wang <wangyixuan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have got on well with Ubuntu 6.10 until I found this error:
I'm using ubuntu server 6.10, after a fresh new install, I ran
"apt-get upgrade" and it replaced a few packages successfully, but
right after that, I am not able to use apt-get again any more.
when I am trying to install gcc or whatever, it always saids
"dpkg-deb: subprocess <decompress> killed by signal (Segmentation
fault)". I can figure out that the download is OK, and the problem
lies in the step of "dpkg-deb --control".

Does anyone have some ideas on this? thanks in advance!

You might try doing the same with "aptitude" which is very similar to
apt-get but it may not make a difference if the problem is wtith
dpkg-deb. You could also try Synaptic, and do a Reload first to see if
that fixes things.


Colin Brace

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