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On 10/01/07, Yagnesh Desai <ynd@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

First thing first
What Microsoft Windows is to OS
AutoDesk Autocad is to CAD.

Rather reframing it AutoCAD is worst than M$ in this.

Why ?

They also practice locking the user's inforamtion in
a "Great" propritary format.

Well there is this .dwg format of data files which it generates
and Autodesk keeps on changing the file format every new release
for reason better known to everyone.

We can find lot many cad software on linux as we can find lot many
distros of linux. But the problem is that each is made for different
purpose and few of them are autocad immitations.

I found QCAD as good imitation of AutoCAD (with only 2D supports)
While the BricsCAD is not OpenSource as I know.

Simmilarly there is free2Design (2D but too good for
AutoCAD refuge) have found works on only Windows XP.

I suggest all of interested cad users can request the
distributor to provide the free2Design on Linux. I already have

God job. I requested as well.

Dotan Cohen

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