On Sun, 2007-02-11 at 14:33 -0800, Dennis Castanos wrote:
Matthew, It mush be something. It's happens quite often. It always
connects under XP. I can live with using sudo ifdown eth0, sudo ifup eth0.
thanks again Dennis

It might be DNS. I've found a few DSL routers for which Ubuntu (and
other Linux Distros) have trouble using the modem's DNS passthrough (the
modem masquerading as a DNS server).

When the problem is happening, try pinging (a google ip).
If you get replies your connecting is still working but DNS resolution
is failing. If this is the case, you can either install bind9 on the
local machine and set your primary DNS server to or you can
use the freely available servers listed at (although they
falsify DNS results in some cases). In any case, it will be useful to
determine if the problem is the connection dropping or simply DNS
resolution failing.


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